People are following their jobs and careers even if it means shifting from one side of the country to the other in our modern dynamic life style and economy, which requires flexibility, mobility, and frequent changes. At least I am definitely someone who has moved a lot in recent years…

In my previous article, I wrote the following
“I am nobody, but someone in the eyes of the theater show being played. In every scene, I am someone for that someone. However, after the essence, I am nobody.”

Believe whatever you want to believe about me or what anyone else says.I myself do not have the strength to be continuously preoccupied with what people will think. I’m more concerned about what I think about myself. My own thoughts of having to get up from a hotel bed again…

“I screamed in pain somewhere in a deserted forest.” I had no idea where that man had taken me. I was young, young in every way, pale-white, so ugly, a nerd, and had no friends. totally invisible in society and on school. When a man on the internet suddenly gives you attention and compliments, “That feels good” and you want to believe all those compliments.

It’s none of his business that I still have nightmares about it. and that I can’t have a normal relationship because of that. When someone comes close, I start to tremble. And my thoughts don’t stop. Flashbacks come very quickly.

I looked away from my own reflection. And hated my…

Let’s face it, now I know why I was insecure about sharing my hobby with other people.

Yes, the people I know would criticize But not even a criticism? OK, but maybe you should throw money first. And hire people to get the art on the market. Perhaps ask if a famous man or woman is buying my art. Because if someone buys it, is it important to follow the other buyers naturally? But wait, I have no idea what price to sell it for. I’m not an expert. After all, I’m just messing around a bit. I have not studied art. I’m just playing with paint in combination with digital tools.

Now that I have changed my profession to a full-time creative creator, I do abstract paintings or writing. I notice that I have become an author again by candlelight.

Read only with open mindset and heart full of love and respect.

Something has changed for me, as you could have read in my previous article. Not only in my private but also my professional life. And now that I lead a completely alone and perhaps isolated life, I feel…

The majority of individuals are concerned about the news. You are making a statement, or are demonstrating for something or someone. Attention for doctor Bernard… #news

What is the role of the private investigator?

Keep the door closed, literally and figuratively. These people don't even work well together. Everyone has a different statement. Everyone tries to come up with something different to stand against each other and create more division. I renounce this. There is no…

In Spain it is often very common to rent an apartment with furniture. As a Dutch woman, I therefore find it very nice to rent an apartment by the sea in Spain. In year 2022 I want to return to the Netherlands. And I’m already looking at houses/apartments with furniture. It takes the amount of stress off my shoulder. Because I can’t just take time off from work.

Renters are sometimes faced with the choice of whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished flat. The majority of apartments offered for rent are likely to be unfurnished, however there are a few that are furnished. There are some instances where renting a furnished apartment makes sense. Similarly, there are…

Email marketing is getting increasingly popular, but that doesn’t mean that every business owner understands how to operate a successful email marketing campaign.


Those that are well-versed in the subject of email marketing and have experience successfully implementing popular tactics, on the other hand, are likely to acquire a significant advantage over their competitors who lack these talents. This post will be beneficial to business owners who want to enhance their sales or…

yvonne padmos

Main profession- Private Investigator SS I Write about Business I Marketing I Tech I International PR IYoutube Tips

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