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yvonne padmos ☑️
5 min readJun 12, 2021
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As the rain forests are slowly cut down, people think that the PIG is the best walking HAPPY MEAL on this planet, animal skin? AH, great for FASHION! Great moisturizer and leader shoes or bags! and this all takes effect all over the world some animal species are beginning to disappear. As the last animal disappears the species becomes extinct. Humans need to learn how to protect these animals so that they can thrive on this world too. I don’t tell everyone to become VEGA! It’s not up to me! What people should or shouldn’t eat. However, after living in Spain for a long time! My eyes JUST saw too much people who disrespect ANIMALS. Something I have never seen in my own country. I am from origin from the Netherlands. Can we all start with RESPECTING! animals?

I am someone who even assist a fly in need. Example “A fly that flies into a glass of drink” It is an easy task for a human to assist the fly in distress and give it freedom again. And do you know how the people around me react? Laugh at the blonde who assist a fly. They themselves feel too tough to offer assistance to a fly in need. But do you think you’re superman in your own little world? People gave me the comments “Yvonne, you shouldn’t do that in front of other people” As if it’s something I should be ashamed of. After so many ND experiences, every day is a miracle that I can still walk around in the earthly paradise. And I respect all the life our source has given. What am I going to tell the source when I get home? “ the people around me in the matrix didn’t want me to protect the animals, they actually laughed.” The same people I know are locked in their bodies. Thinking they are a physical being. While everyone is on this planet, but not from this planet. It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy. So that fly, you, me, the chair! everything is 99.9999 empty space! Of the people ! I like to believe that the brain! IS 99,9999% empty space! Since most people only use 1% of their brain.

Humans can talk for themselves. Animals need more PEOPLE who defend them! And speak on behave of their wellbeing on this planet. Therefore I rather spend the rest of my life in NATURE and For the Animals. A society with human beings stuck in the matrix, who work against the universal laws instead of loving, caring UNCONDITIONAL. *…

yvonne padmos ☑️

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